The RIAK E-racing Team

This race team has been created for our Squad Athletes and Women's E-racing team to allow them to represent the brand.

If you would like to join the RIAK E-racing team, get in touch at info@riak.fitness.

RIAK Fitness

We are a cycling and triathlon coaching group specialising in bespoke coaching relationships, live coached online workouts and on-demand coached training sessions.

Our goal as a business is to always have coaching at the heart of what we do to help athletes of all abilities learn how to make smart training decisions and achieve consistency.


Our speciality is helping people find balance between their training and the rest of life’s stressors, whilst preparing them to achieve their goals. We started as a triathlon coaching and personal training business and the principles upon which we began (Balance – Simplicity – Accessibility), still permeate everything we do.

Putting it simply, we offer training programmes and coaching relationships tailored to how an individual’s life works in reality. We therefore set up our athletes/clients to have the best possible chance of handling everything on their plate and achieving their goals.


RIAK ONLINE is a unique FREE service offering cyclists and triathletes unrivalled coach support and advice with a weekly selection of live and on-demand sessions.


Coaching is what we do and our on-demand workouts are no exception to that purpose.

All our on-demand swim, bike, run and strength workouts are accompanied by some form of in-session coaching designed to teach improved form or to disseminate key training knowledge.