APRIL 2021 TO SEPTEMBER 2021 featuring 13 races

Our popular 16km online virtual races will enter Series three from the start of April 2021. Each race is approximately 16km / 10 miles long and you’ll need to have a smart trainer or power meter along with a free registration with RGT.

WESTERLEY VR SERIES THREE OPEN CHAMPIONSHIP: The winner of each race will be awarded 100 points with 99 for second down to 1 point for 100th and 101st onwards. There are 13 races, on alternate Wednesdays starting on Wednesday 14th April at 7.30pm (UK time).

WESTERLEY CC MEMBERS’ WESTERSUN LEAGUE: Concurrently, the highest finisher from Westerley CC will be awarded 20 points towards the Westersun League trophy, down to 1 point for twentieth and beyond. The highest placed male and female Westerley CC members will receive club trophies.

THE ALL IMPORTANT DATES: please note that start times are 7.30pm UK time

.....Race 3.1 – Wednesday 14th April 2021…….7.30pm (UK) Colne de Denham (one climb half way through) 15.8 km
.....Race 3.2 Wednesday 28th April 2021 …….7.30pm UK time. Lido Rido (lumpy) 15.2km
.....Race 3.3 Wednesday 12th May 2021 …….7.30pm UK time. Eton Cycles (one small climb at 2.8km from the start) 15.9km
.....Race 3.4 Wednesday 26th May 2021 …….7.30pm UK time. Straight Outta Brompton – NWL (undulating) 15.7km
.....Race 3.5 Wednesday 9th June 2021…….7.30pm UK time. The Peleton Pinn Up (follows river Pinn upstream gently rising) 15.3km
.....Race 3.6 Wednesday 23rd June 2021 …….7.30pm UK time. Ronde van Regent’s Park (4 laps flat) 17.2km
.....Race 3.7 Wednesday 7th July 2021 …….7.30pm UK time. Mentmore Meant More In 69 (one lap of the 1969 British Road Race championship course of 1969 – one hill near the end) 16.5km
.....Race 3.8 Wednesday 21st July 2021 …….7.30pm UK time. Life On Mars (undulating) 15.5km
.....Race 3.9 Wednesday 4th August 2021…….7.30pm UK time. INDIVIDUAL TIME TRIAL Waltham St.Lawrence HCC234 (2 laps flat)15.6km (5 second start intervals and no drafting)
.....Race 3.10 Wednesday 18th August 2021 …….7.30pm UK time. Aces High (undulating with a climb to the finish) 15.9km
.....Race 3.11 Wednesday 1st September 2021 …….7.30pm UK time. Young Berks and Old Bucks (Gentle uphill finish over the last 2km, otherwise flat) 16.6km
.....Race 3.12 Wednesday 15th September 2021 …….7.30pm UK time. The Hillingdon Honey (4 laps, 2 climbs each lap) 16.4km
.....Race 3.13 Wednesday 29th September 2021 …..7.30pm UK time Hillingdon Circuit (11 laps) 16.3km

Scoring Type: Westerley Points


WESTERLEY VR RACE 3.1 - 14 April 2021 7.30pm UK time
WESTERLEY VR RACE 3.2 - 28 April 2021 7.30pm UK time