Westerley Wednesday Summer Series GB and Ireland Tour

GC Results below, team entry, series details below....

The Westerley Wednesday’s are back, this time on Wahoo RGT for a GB and Ireland tour on RGT, these will be taking in some of the best TT courses some hill climbs and even a mountain thrown in for good measure, so this really will be one for an all-rounder. This will have its own competition, with a best of 8 for both male and female, plus a team prize. The races will be on the following dates, all starting at 7:15pm.

RaceDateCourseRace Type
WWVR 1.105/04/2023Hillingdon AnitclockRR
WWVR 1.219/04/2023Freith HillHTT
WWVR 1.303/05/2023PlutoRR
WWVR 1.417/05/2023Velolife TTRR
WWVR 1.531/05/2023Cheesy CheddarRR
WWVR 1.614/06/2023Howth HillRR
WWVR 1.728/06/2023R10/12RR
WWVR 1.812/07/2023F11/10ITT
WWVR 1.926/07/2023WM10/2RR
WWVR 1.1009/08/2023CunnardQS
WWVR 1.1123/08/2023Hillindon ClockwiseRR

Stage info

Starting off with Hillingdon anticlockwise, this will be the Westerley TT way, going round the circuit 11 times.

Round 2 we head off to Marlow for Freith Hill, this is a variation to the hilly TT course, for and individual Time Trial, this is made up of 2 lumps, with the first one being one for the mountain goats and the second will keep you honest before a sprint to the line.

Round 3 takes us up to Scotland and a lap round the Pluto Kirkhill Pilar project, this is a short course but one that will keep you on your toes should anyone want to make a break.

Round 4 is the Velolife TT, an old favourite for those that have ridden the VCNTT series by Rasio Racing.

Round 5, this heads to the southwest and Cheddar Gorge, this is another on for the climbers but with nearly half of if on the downhill, gives the big lads time to catch up.

Round 6, we hop across to Ireland, where the race is up Howth Hill to the viewing pint and back down along the seafront for a fast flat finish.

Round 7, it’s back across the Irish sea and into Wales, on to the R10/12 Time Trial course for a fast flat race, has a gift start and is nice and flat after, this is really one for the big lads.

Round 8, its back to England for the Fastest TT course in the south on F11/10 for an Individual Time Trail.

Round 9, we go back to Wales for the WM10/2 time trial course, this is another flat course with a few lumps.

Round 10, the Queens stage, we are back over to Ireland, this time in county Wicklow and up the Cunnard. This is one for the real mountain goats and maybe team tactics could come in to play for this mountain top finish.

To close the series it is all back Hillingdon this time it will be clockwise for 11 laps and all winners will be crowned.

So come and join us for what will be a real sizzler of a summer series

Scoring Type: USA Crits