Vive Les Femmes 2022 Pacific

Every weekend between 12 Mar - 1 May.

Find our roadbook HERE.

  1. All information with regards to the event will be communicated here and/or through the RGT discord channel.
  2. Compete fairly! What about creating a profile on - A community effort in fair play? If your power numbers seemingly reach superhero status, be prepared to present verification.
  3. Bullying, any form of foul language or unsportmanlike behaviour will not be accepted and will lead to immediate exclusion from future events.


This is the Pacific time zone version of Vive Les Femmes, an 8-week series of events inspired by women's bike racing in 2022. This series are classified as unranked races and will count towards stage completions, but will not qualify for general classification, sprint, or mountain point totals. There will be a friendly omnium classification for the Pacific events, but the rankings that "matter" are the events happening at 3 pm UK time.

Each week there is another event on a challenging route, but one which intermediate level and above riders should be able to complete. Completing all eight is a worthy accomplishment, and will give your fitness base a nice boost. There will be make-up events if you miss a stage on 1 May, although at least initially these are scheduled in the European time slot.

Scoring Type: USA Crits


Vive Les Femmes 6: Carpenter-Phinney and Twigg (Pacific)

Series Standings

Results Last Calculated On: 05-01 03:10
# GC Vive Les Femmes 1 Vos (Pacific) Vive Les Femmes 2 Burton (Pacific) Vive Les Femmes 3 Longo (Pacific) Vive Les Femmes 4: Deignan (Pacific) Vive Les Femmes 5: Van Moorsel (Pacific) Vive Les Femmes 6: Carpenter-Phinney and Twigg (Pacific) Vive Les Femmes 7: Knox (Pacific) Vive Les Femmes 8: Van Der Breggen & Van Vleuten (Pacific)
1 Daniel Badke (M) 740 180 180 190 190
2 Lachlan Holmes 390 190 200
3 Tim Holmes 200 200
4 Brian Paden 200 200
5 Rob Pullyn 200 200
6 Wade Jennings 200 200
7 Johnson Papa john 200 200
8 Todd Lorbecki 200 200
9 Scott Crichton 190 190
10 Emely Langosh 175 175