VCNTT Series 9

Brought to you in collaboration with Team Lou and Rasio Racing
VCNTT is designed to be flexible. There's lots of riding and racing each week so finding a timeslot can be difficult. VCNTT lets you choose when to ride. Every week we provide the course via a magic road code and teams choose which day and time they want to ride. Teams set up their own event so there is no long countdown to the start and no other riders interfering. Teams should be a maximum of 6 riders with the time taken on the 3rd rider over the finish line. We also provide a group ride reccie on Mondays 18:30(UK) and a ranked race series race every Sunday at 16:00 (UK), series table and info below......

Step 1 - Grab the relevant magic road code from below and copy and paste it into the RGT magic roads library Step 2 - Create a race at a time to suit you and your teammates at RGT Cycling Step 3 - Share the event code with your teammates Step 4 - Race hard! Step 5 - Add the code to RGTdb Step 6 - Submit the RGTdb code via the form below

Just register for the events using the form below and we do the rest! Results posted at the end of each stage on our social media channels and via the relevant tab below. Don't have a team? Check discord for teams looking for riders.

Thanks to Falk Levien (Team Lou) for the amazing work he has done producing the courses for each 6 stage series and the spreadsheet guru's Nick Greenhalgh (Rasio Racing) who track all the times and data.

If you enjoy the events then please consider showing your support and buy the team a coffee.



Please submit your team name and RGTdb event code for each event. You will be requested to provide an email address so that you can receive a copy of your entries and allow you to add /edit entries later on. **Please add or edit the event code after you have ridden your TTT**. Remember - this is the 6 digit number that is located at the end of the URL. It doesn't matter which event week it is, just enter the RGTdb code and we will do the rest.