VCNTT Season 7


VCNTT is designed to be flexible. There's lots of riding and racing each week so finding a timeslot can be difficult. VCNTT lets you choose when to ride. Each week we provide the course via a magic road code and teams choose which day and time they want to ride. Teams set up their own event so there is no long countdown to the start and no other riders interfering. Teams should be a maximum of 6 riders with the time taken on the 3rd rider over the finish line.

Step 1 - Grab the relevant magic road code from below and copy and paste it into the RGT magic roads library Step 2 - Create a race at a time to suit you and your teammates at RGT Cycling Step 3 - Share the event code with your teammates Step 4 - Race hard! Step 5 - Add the code to RGTdb Step 6 - Submit the RGTdb code via the form below

Just register for the events using the form below and we do the rest! Results are emailed to team captains every Sunday evening and also posted every Monday on our social media channels and via the relevant tab below. Don't have a team? Check discord for teams looking for riders.

Thanks to Falk Levien for the amazing work he has done producing the courses for this 6 week series and the spreadsheet guru's Nick Greenhalgh and Steve Taylor who track all the times and data.

If you enjoy the events then please consider showing your support and buy the team a coffee.

GENERAL CLASSIFICATION (Season 6 Final Standings)


Please submit your team name and RGTdb event code for each event. You will be requested to provide an email address so that you can receive a copy of your entries and allow you to add /edit entries later on. Please add or edit the event code after you have ridden your TTT. Remember - this is the 6 digit number that is located at the end of the URL. It doesn't matter which event week it is, just enter the RGTdb code and we will do the rest.

Length - 24km Elevation - 77m Magic Road Code - KEG8AW6Ros1q

You've hopefully paid attention to Paris-Roubaix last Sunday, because this week's course follows the final 24km of that race. We threw in one bonus lap of the Roubaix Velodrome for you, making it a total of three. Celebrate at your own risk.

Length - 24km Elevation - 48m Magic Road Code - OsVLIKPWJ10L

This is a nice, flat course around Botany Bay, south of the Sydney metropolitan area. Two little bumps on Captain Cook Drive that hardly deserve the name "climb" are the your biggest obstacles. It's autumn in Australia now, but I'm reliably informed the weather there is nice pretty much year round.

Length - 25.4km Elevation - 85m Magic Road Code - age8mni1Aiq3

This week's course follows some of the regular training roads of its creator, so please indulge me. Most of the time, these roads are far to busy to safely ride them fast, but this week, we've managed to close them to traffic for all of you. Enjoy the gently rolling terrain of eastern Germany.

Length - 26.9km Elevation - 51m Magic Road Code - ls66omhX0qCS

Another bay for you this week, this time it's Tokyo Bay. You know what this means, a very flat and quite straight course, perfectly suited for the power houses amongst you. There are no obstacles worth speaking of, so get your heads down, push those pedals and don't lose the draft.

Length - 30km Elevation - 68m Magic Road Code - SYas9I2j0fXV

We pay a visit to one of the birth places of our civilization this week, the island of Crete in Greece. Anyone who knows Crete will also know that flat roads are pretty hard to find there. And this course has some significant elevation, but the gains are negative. Get ready for another downhill speed fest.

Length - 28km Elevation - 122m Magic Road Code - yFnducNdEHTN

Just when you thought you survived another series, we're throwing this course at you. By the name, you should already know what's waiting for you. The final metres of this series will see you and your team climb the famed Muur van Geraardsbergen, famous and infamous for race deciding moves in the Tour of Flanders of bygone days. Ride fast and ride smart, use the flat start to your benefit, because the last 1500m are your make or break.


We would like to encourage all riders to sign up to
This is a comunity led project committed to providing fair play for all by providing a platform to enable the virtual racing community to control their data and showcase proof of their legitimacy.

The race organizer might ask you to verify your data. Please do not take this as an offense but as a compliment on your performance.

If you know you are likely to average 5+ w/kg, it is requested that you provide at least a weigh-in and trainer calibration video.
Dual recordings and data from outdoor rides can also be uploaded to eBioPassport and are especially welcome.

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