OTR - Tour of Asia 2022

Welcome to the inaugural running of OTR e-racing’s Tour of Asia! A five stage competition raced over a one week day period on some of the most amazing and iconic roads this area of the world has to offer.

You are competing against those around you for the stage win each day as well as for your overall position in the points, climbers’ and general classification competitions. Keep an eye on the OTR Events Facebook group and RGTDB for results. Embrace your passion and cut your teeth on this mini-tour as you compete against your club mates or friends or maybe against a new acquaintance from half way around the world.

Aimed at giving you a taste of virtual stage racing before you take on one of our bigger tours, this will be a great stepping stone from day racing up to something requiring more strategy as you aim your efforts towards your strengths and those stages and jerseys that suit you.

Race dates and structure The tour will begin on Wednesday, 5th October 2022. We will race for next five days, with the final stage concluding proceedings on Sunday 9th. To allow participation for as many competitors as possible, each stage will have four time slots, 00:00hrs, 06:00hrs, 12:00hrs and 18:30hrs, GMT. Unless there is a catastrophic failure affecting an entire time slot, there will be no re-runs allowed, as processing these prevents accurate and timely release of stage results and competition standings. However, should your tour end due to a technical issue, the Magic Road codes are available to you via RGTDB.com to allow you to complete all the stages, should you wish.

Scoring Type: Time