SDW Friday Frenzy Series 3

Welcome to Series 3 of Friday Frenzy brought to you by Southborough & District Wheelers (SDW)

The aim of the series is to provide an inclusive and easily accessible series that caters for all rider types in a friendly and supportive community. Entry is open to all and we look forward to making friends across the globe and through the RGT community.

Races are held on Fridays at 18:30 GMT consisting of a mix of scratch sprint races, time trials and omniums on iconic local roads and circuits to SDW who are based near Tunbridge Wells in Kent, UK. Most races will be c. 20km with a mixture of flat, rolling and hill-top finish terrains.

This series will be divided into two halves, rounds 1 to 5 pre-Christmas from 19th Nov to 17th Dec, and then the 2nd half post-Christmas from 7th Jan to 4th Feb.

Scroll down to find the full race schedule with links to sign-up now!

Season Preview with Simon Miller

Individual Competitions

The main competition is an Open Category where no race tag is needed. All riders will automatically be counted in the open category competition with best 7 of 10 stages counting to the series.

SDW club members will also be filtered for a separate side competition – no name tag is required for this but please contact Simon Miller if you find yourself missing from the SDW results filter.

In addition, results will be filtered by name tags for the following categories for separate competitions: Women - Race tag = (W) , Over 45s - Race tag = (O) , Youth (Under 16s) - Race tag = (Y). Women can apply both (O) and (W) tags as appropriate.

Tags are added by amending your Surname in the RGT profile settings in the app e.g. Clem Fandango (O).

Note: Once we are aware of your categorisation in our results database, you can remove your tag. If you would prefer not to add a tag or if you need to update a tag, you can also simply email Simon Miller


The winner of our overall Individual Open competition will win a SDW Kalas race fit jersey worth over £100 RRP. Apart from massive kudos, winners of our Team Comp and other Individual categories will receive sought after SDW Kalas casquettes to make them the envy or their local roads.

Team Competition

A separate competition also exists for Teams. Simply contact Simon Miller to enter your team consisting of a minimum of two people (max of 4).

The aggregate of the best two points results from each team in each event will count to team series standings with the team's best 7 of 10 stages counting to the series. If only one rider enters an event, they can still contribute to a team score for that event with zero points for their missing riders.

A club may enter multiple teams but riders can only enter one team. You can add a team and riders to your team at any point during the series.


Points will be allocated by place as follows: 100, 95, 80, 85, 80,......[2 points less per place from 5th down to 20th]… 78, 76, 74, 72, 70, 86, 66, 64, 62, 60, 58, 56, 53, 52, 50 …[1 point less per place down to 69th]. Any rider coming in 70th place or above will still earn 1 point for each race.

Riders in sub-categories (e.g. Women, Over 45s and Youth) will have points allocated in the same way for their own standings e.g. the first female rider across the line finishes 5th in the open category and scores 80 points in the Open Series standings but 100 points in the women’s standings for first place in the women’s category. The same approach applies to the SDW club competition.

In all categories and both individual and team comps, best 7 of 10 stages will count to the series. Ties in final series standings will be decided based on the best result in the last event.

For the elimination race evening (two back to back races), the sum of the two results determines the overall event placing. Ties defer to highest race placing of the two events. In the event of same highest placings (ie two riders have a 1st and 2nd ) then the result in the last race breaks the tie. Note: Results will reflect order of elimination which beyond the top 3, will differ +/- 1 from RGT results that are based on timings rather than elimination.

Race Format

The majority of races are c.20km scratch races with draft turned on. These are either on circuit or point to point Magic Road routes.

We also have a couple of Individual Time Trials thrown in on our iconic local TT courses - mass start with draft turned off.

Finally, our popular Olympic double header omnium round returns. This involves a mass start short sprint race on the Lee Valley Circuit before finishing and switching on the half hour to the omnium event on the Herne Hill Velodrome. This involves two formation laps before the last two riders then get eliminated every lap until 3 are left for a final lap shoot-out. NOTE: You will need to sign-up for both events for this stage.

Please find all race links further down the page. If you would like to recce any of the routes then all circuits can be found on by simply searching for SDW.


Keep in touch with series info and contribute to community chat via the dedicated SDW Friday Frenzy group in the RGT Discord channel

Fair Racing

We encourage fair racing and trust the honesty of our participants. But for those averaging over 4 w/kg, you may on occasion be asked to verify your data. Please don't take this as an offense but a compliment on your performance.

Signing up to with a public profile and can help avoid conjecture by sharing data to validate your performances.


For any queries or feedback on the series, please don't hesitate to email Simon Miller or find me on Discord as Simon SDW

Supported By

Our series is kindly brought to you by Southborough & District Wheelers, a cycling club based in Kent, UK dating back to 1922 catering for all levels across all on and off-road disciplines. Find out more about us at

A huge thanks to Philip Riley of Riley MI for our super efficient results service. For your sole trader and small business accountancy needs, visit

We are supported by our friends at ÆIGHT BIKE CØMPANY, a cycling collective based in Sussex, England providing custom bikes and full pro-level support for riders of all types. Find out more at


While timed race results are visible immediately on, race points results and series standings will be updated over the weekend at the following links:

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