Яasio Racing Popup Races

An informal race series with ranked races added dynamically over the virtual off season, that we find ourselves entering as more riders take to the tarmac, fledging themselves from their garages.

This is more about having opportunities to take part in fun ranked races when few are available than being at the top of the series table, though likely people will have their own desires and if like me will want to be competing for the overall. The emphasis is that I won't be creating events in a regimented way so please expect this, and go with the popup flow.

Courses generally built using real routes from the Rasio Race team's homelands. All groomed nicely using Dan Connelly's scripts and ridden previously with reconnaissance efforts undertaken by Bers and I. All intended to be good for racing on, the first one certainly was Pleger's Puncheurs' Paradise..

Likely to be Mondays 18:30 UK, though may be some Friday's too if there are gaps in the races scheduled over the summer.

Open to all comers.


Nick Greenhalgh

A Rasio Racing production!

Small print..

All information with regards to the event will be communicated here and/or through the RGT discord channel.

Compete fairly! What about creating a profile on www.ebiopassport.com - A community effort in fair play?

If your power numbers seemingly reach superhero status, be prepared to present verification.

Bullying, any form of foul language or unsportmanlike behaviour will not be accepted.

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Rasio Popup Race 6: Pleger's Puncheur's Paradise
Rasio Popup 9: Full Schepers' Slingerberg race
Rasio Popup 10: Jan Deca's Valley of The Gods crit
Rasio Popup 11: Hillingdon circuit X 11 - West London VR dress rehearsal
Rasio Racing popup 13: DECA's Valley of the Gods crit
Rasio Popup 13: Bers' Loch Leven Lapper