Rasio Racing Fridays 2022 Series 4 - The Crits

The Crits!

Rasio Racing presents a series 4 of 6 Friday evening races, all starting 18:30

Details below the results...

We have courses a selection of crits from Jan, Joris, Alex and Matt of RR, plus one stolen from OTR's Spanish For Improvers series... On average about 24km with 200m ascent making them a perfect start to the weekend on Friday evening, ie 35 - 45 minutes of frenzy. Check them out all looking very nice.

No matter what your level, whether as an individual or a team, for one race or the whole series - do come and join us for some friendly and fun racing on some great Magic Road courses.

Scroll down to find the full race schedule with links to sign-up now!

Individual Competitions

  • Open Category (eveyone)
  • Over 45s

All riders will automatically be counted in the open category competition. Unless we are already aware from previous series, for other categories you may need to notify us if we can't get age info from RGT or RGTDB. Please contact Nick Greenhalgh

Team Competition

A separate competition also exists for Teams. Simply contact Nick Greenhalgh to enter your team consisting of a minimum of two people (max of 4).

The aggregate of the best two points results from each team in each event will count to team series standings with the team's best 5 of 6 stages counting to the series.

A club may enter multiple teams but riders can only enter one team. You can add a team, add riders to your team or swap out unused riders in your team up to the beginning of the 3rd round.


Points will be allocated by place using the USA Crit scoring mechanism.

Riders in sub-category (Over 45s ) will have points allocated in the same way for their own standings e.g. the first rider in category across the line finishes 5th in the open category and scores 175 points in the Open Series standings but 200 points in the Over 45’s standings for first place in the that category.

In all categories and both individual and team comps, best 5 of 6 stages will count to the series. Ties in final series standings will be decided based on the best result in the final round that at least one of the tied riders competed in.


Keep in touch with series info and contribute to community chat via the Racing 'racing-general' group in the RGT Discord channel [https://discord.com/channels/761205606371033088/761205671763902504]

Fair Racing

We encourage fair racing and trust the honesty of our participants. But for those averaging well over 4 w/kg, you may on occasion be asked to verify your data. Please don't take this as an offense but a compliment on your performance. If you do not respond promptly to any enquiry or are unable to validate the performance, you will be DQed from results until such point that can be proved valid.

Signing up to eBioPassport.com with a public profile can help avoid conjecture by sharing data to validate your performances.

Note: If any rider suspects another rider of suspicious performance or any other misdemeanor including inappropriate in-ride chat, please first report to the race organiser rather than confronting it yourself through in-ride chat or our social communities.


For any queries or feedback on the series, please don't hesitate to email Nick Greenhalgh or find me on Discord as NickGreenhalgh#6391

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The Stages!

Distance - 24.5km Ascent - 53m Descent - 53m Magic Road Code - Eb8VM4MJTMsJ
Alex Pleger's finely tuned 'l Ciclodromo di Ponte Buggianese' criterum opens series 4.
Ranked race: 18:30 UK RGT cycling link, RGTDB link
Distance - 23.07km Ascent - 245m Descent - 245m Magic Road Code - 2TNUPpkzH166
Stolen from OTR's magic road library, part of the excellent Spanish For Improvers series, a molding ground for manyt of the Rasio team, until we improved our way out of it. Used for Rasio club champs recently, always a lumpy rolling favourite, expect attacks a plenty.
Ranked race: 18:30 UK RGT cycling link, RGTDB link
Distance - 23.43km Ascent - 312m Descent - 312m Magic Road Code - SjN70Pknodeq
Another on of Alex's courses track used in the 70's and 80's the Japanese Le Mans.
Ranked race: 18:30 UK RGT cycling link, RGTDB link
Distance - 26.6km Ascent - 126m Descent - 126m Magic Road Code - D9Uy4KzSbHkG
Jen Deca's Ikigai series may be a distant and painful memory, but this course lives again. Proved to be most excelent in that series, and I am sure we will prove superb again, as the laps tick away until the final crushendo approaches.
Ranked race: 18:30 UK RGT cycling link, RGTDB link
Distance - 24.16km Ascent - 316m Descent - 316m Magic Road Code - 5eINjbuzkAfC
Mat Hammond introduces us to a new crit, this time South Easy London's Crystal Palace Criterum is the circuit we will batter ourselves round in this penultimate round of series 4. The cover photo features Bob who is no longer racing but he has been the man responsible for keeping Crystal Palace crits running these last few years, a proper local hero of the South London racing scene.
Ranked race: 18:30 UK RGT cycling link, RGTDB link
Distance - 25.71km Ascent - 208m Descent - 208m Magic Road Code - 4logCxx27aqx
Joris Scheper's Slingerberg Crit, in Belgium, an old favourite, and seems an apt location to finish the series, who will time the final 1km to perfection and take the win....
Ranked race: 18:30 UK RGT cycling link, RGTDB link
Scoring Type: USA Crits


Series Standings

Results Last Calculated On: 10-01 11:34
# GC Rasio Racing Crit 4.1 Rasio Racing Crit 4.2 Rasio Racing Crit 4.3 Rasio Racing Crit 4.4 Rasio Racing Crit 4.5 Rasio Racing Crit 4.6
1 Chris Bankras 200 200
2 Mat Hammond [ЯƦ] 190 190
4 Nick Greenhalgh [ЯƦ] 175 175
5 Doug Hart [pdl] (c) 170 170
6 Mark Rowbottom 165 165
7 Joris Schepers[ЯƦ] 160 160
8 Moritz Kauper 155 155
9 .. Jojo (eRace cancer) d,m 150 150
10 Alex Pleger [яʀ] 145 145
11 Tim Cooke 141 141
12 Peter Brooke-Wavell 137 137
13 Waldemar Marc 133 133
14 Andrzej Krajewski 129 129
15 gavin ash 125 125
16 SALVO CARUSO ( TEAM A.D.R ) 121 121
17 Richard Debigare 117 117
18 Tomasz Poniatowski 113 113
19 Jørgen van Bers [яʀ] 109 109
20 Mike Szymeczko 105 105
21 Craig Jones 101 101
22 Magalhães Daniel (o) 97 97
23 PAUL WHATMOUGH (M)(D) 94 94
24 Freek Vd bosch (m) 91 91
25 Ingmar Van Bers [ЯƦ] 88 88
27 Jonathan Bird A 81 81
28 Matt Acres 78 78
29 Rocket Roy Nield [ṀṚ] (C) 75 75
30 Matt Stokes 72 72
32 Allan Carlé [SeC2] 66 66
34 Giulio Niccacci M (Team ADR) 60 60
35 Angel Santos 57 57
36 Marc Klopp 54 54
37 Cit 90 51 51
38 Stéphane Madelaine 48 48
39 Claudio Pagliaro 45 45
41 COLIN BROWN (d) 39 39
42 Slab Ritchie 36 36