Join the #RIDEFAIR Initiative!

  • The #RideFair Principle:
    • A rider shall do all in their power to ensure that their data is as accurate and transparent as possible.
  • The basics:
    • Be honest with others AND yourself (Where are you on the famous Coggan power charts?)
    • Enter your weight and height truthfully.
    • Calibrate your equipment regularly and per the manufacturer’s recommendations.
    • Connect a heart rate monitor if you own one.
    • Keep trash talk where it belongs, in the trash.
    • Not sure about something? Ask for help!
  • Are you a seasoned racer?
    • Understand that with great power comes great responsibility. Don’t get tangled up in a web of intrigues.
    • Getting questions about your performances? Be open, it is foremost a compliment of your racing abilities!
    • Be transparent, how about creating a profile on ebiopassport.com?
      • Show off those power data from your greatest IRL efforts.
      • Dual recording allows you to capture your scorching attacks twice.
    • Enjoy, ride hard and race fair!

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    Make sure to check the
    Cycling Esports Regulations

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