PRT Handicap

Welcome to the Precision Race Team Handicap race

Why a handicap race? I’m sure you’ve all taken part in a race only to be dropped in the first 500m by the fastest guys in the race and never see them again. Well what if these fast riders were given a weight penalty to slow them down a bit and give you a chance to beat them?While were at it why not make the guys who struggle a bit, a few kilos lighter so they can keep up a little better.

All of a sudden it’s more competitive and people are enjoying racing a lot more!!! That’s the basic idea behind the handicap race. Elite and….. well the less elite get to compete together on a more even playing field and everyone gets a good workout in the process. Add in the fact that the main goal for the Handicap race is not the top step on the podium but instead, the combativity prize voted for by riders on the road. For the person who went the extra mile to drag a team mate to the finish. Or someone who just refused to get dropped. And all of sudden the whole ethos of the race is changed again. Coupled with a friendly and inclusive discord group the handicap race is an event that seems to have riders comping back week after week and consistently increasing their FTP week on week.

How to work your weight (handicap) for the race. It’s quite simple but for maximum effectiveness requires a relatively recent FTP test. (this can usually be found within the settings on the RGT menu) Your FTP / 3.2 will give you your in game weight for this event. Remember to change it before entering the start pen (and back again afterwards)

Why is it always hilly. Well due to physics the weight penalty doesn’t affect riders as much on the flat. So hills are required to ensure that the handicap takes effect. It’s also worth noting that as powers are somewhat normalised, the natural features of the race are much more important when it comes to planning and executing attacks.

Who is Will Usher? Will is the head coach of Precision Race Team, a longstanding and successful Tri team, and also the organiser of the Handicap race and designer of many of the courses.

If you are interested in IRL coaching then contact Will at Precision Coaching

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