TNT Omnium and Track League May R2

🧨 Tuesday Night Track on RGT 🧨

TNT Omnium and Track League May 11

Our second round for May. Remember we have Masters' category for Over 40s and Women's as well - put (M) or (W) after your name.

R1 - A standard Scratch race but a new course - Mission Crit in San Francisco. It's a technical course with some tight turns so position and recovery are critical.

R2 - First of two Kilo races - this one is non-drafting on the Roubaix oval.

R3 - And the second Kilo, with drafting ON around Circus Maximus.

R4 - A Points Devil to finish. Two out every second lap, but you get 2 points for initiating an elimination lap.

Results on and races (except the Elimination) will count towards the ranking system. More info here.

And if you're enjoying the TNT events please consider a donation to my real-life home track, the historic Herne Hill Velodrome which relies on events and racing to operate. More info here.
Scoring Type: Omnium Points