Hot Crit by VCN

Hot Crit where fast laps are guaranteed. It's all out, no frills, plenty of thrills. Race hard and beat your foes. To keep it simple there will be a single, individual GC so it's all about solo glory.

Each event is designed to be a maximum of 20km in length, so keep an eye on the distance to go counter, as the number of laps will vary from event to event. These courses are based on the USA Crits course, thanks to Alex Pleger for creating the magic roads.

Please note all races will be ranked.

We would like to encourage all riders to sign up to
This is a comunity led project committed to providing fair play for all by providing a platform to enable the virtual racing community to control their data and showcase proof of their legitimacy.

The race organizer might ask you to verify your data. Please do not take this as an offense but as a compliment on your performance.

If you know you are likely to average 5+ w/kg, it is requested that you provide at least a weigh-in and trainer calibration video.
Dual recordings and data from outdoor rides can also be uploaded to eBioPassport and are especially welcome if you regularly finish in the top 5.<br

Scoring Type: USA Crits