Nopinz World Super League



Races will take place every Monday, starting 6th February at 19:00 (UK)

The course schedule will consist of 8 weeks which includes the following:

Week 1 - 6th February - North Devon iTT - 19.4km (318m)
Week 2 - 13th February - Tour of the West - 45.6km (662m)
Week 3 - 20th February - Isle of Bute - 32.3km (330m)
Week 4 - 27th February - Tour De Murrieta - 40.2km (222m)
Week 5 - 6th March - Blair Circuit - 33.8km (454m)
Week 6 - 13th March - Spain Lake Loop - 43km (374m)
Week 7 - 20th March - Devil's Staircase - 43.8km (435m)
Week 8 - 27th March - Uptown Unicorn - 38km (260m)

Each course has been handpicked by one of the nopinz R3R team for you to take on.

Your best 6 results over the series will count and as you can see, there’s a good mix of course profiles. So you can either target your most-suited races, or enter all of them and better equip yourself for the dropped races.

We will have both solo and team GCs and done on a point based system. Team limit will be up to 20 on team sizes. However, you’re more than welcome to split up into sub-teams, should your team go over the limit.

For teams, it will be the top 3 riders across the line that score points.


We would like to encourage all riders to sign up to This is a community led project committed to providing fair play for all by providing a platform to enable the virtual racing community to control their data and showcase proof of their legitimacy.

The race organizer might ask you to verify your data. Please do not take this as an offense but as a compliment on your performance.

Please make sure to select "public" in the privacy dropdown when you create power metrics/videos/equipment on your profile. You can create a verification request via:

If you know you are likely to average 5.00 w/kg, it is recommended that you provide at least a weigh-in and trainer calibration video filmed within 24 hours prior to the first stage. Dual recordings and data from outdoor rides can also be uploaded to eBioPassport and are especially welcome if you finish within the top 10 of a stage. We will seek to verify the top 3 in each stage, so do not be alarmed if you are contacted.