RIAK ONLINE Live Coached Workouts

Join us every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday for our FREE live coached sessions.

Every session is intended to be interactive and comes with a live coaching feed. Chat directly with us on Zoom by signing up through our website or watch the live stream hosted by our good friends, VCycling News. Either way, bring your training questions because we're here to answer them!

Monday Assembly Group Ride @ 6:30pm BST

These are a relaxed ‘no-drop’ group ride on RGT Cycling with a live interactive coaching feed.

Each week we ride a different course as a group at a conversational pace with the rubber banding function on to keep it all together. Use these rides as an opportunity to bank more low intensity base mileage, as a recovery session or simply come and enjoy some free coaching advice! It’s your call.

Tuesday Strength & Conditioning Workshops @ 6:30pm BST

Our current series is our TOTAL WORKOUT series, which is designed to be short and incredibly effective!

In contrast to our normal approach, for this 8-week series we’re taking a bit of the emphasis out of the coaching side of things and focusing on a dynamic and challenging workout that hits all the key areas endurance athletes need to develop. In particular, a focus on hip stability, overall muscular balance and improving mobility.

Wednesday Discovery Series Group Workout @ 6:30pm BST

A structured and high intensity session designed as part of a progressive series.

In this challenging structured workout series, every session is a quest to discover more about you as a rider, what your strengths are and where you might want to focus your training as a result.

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