The Moonrider saga continues. 4 months after the first battle, the dark forces have come up with a new plan: Episode 2 - The Return of the Heroes

A two-week-series / 7 races in total:

Stage 1: Pacific Coast / Costa Rica (Flat)
Stage 2: Pinerolo / Italy (Hilly)
Stage 3: Lago Como / Italy (Mountain)
Stage 4: Volcano Climb / Costa Rica (Mountain)
Stage 5: Sydney Olympic Park / Australia (Flat)
Stage 6: Bietigheim / Germany (Hilly)
Stage 7: Copenhagen / Denmark (ITT) on the course of the 1st Tour de France stage 2022

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Individual Classification

5 out of 7 races count towards the individual GC. That means, you can skip up to two races and still win the Overall GC.

Races will be held according to the US crit points system

You can win the following jerseys (classification):

Golden jersey (open category)

We want the event to be as exciting as possible and as many riders as possible to have the chance to finish. Therefore your 5 best results of the 7 races will be counted for the overall classification (open category). So you can skip two stages that you don't like and still win the overall classification!
In addition, we will have three special classifications.

Silver jersey (silver / bronze category):

The silver jersey can be won by all those who are categorised in the RGTDB silver/bronze before the first event of the series in which they participate. The winner is the one who earns the most points from 5 out of 7 races. We do not want to penalise anyone for doing well. Those who get gold status during the series can still win the silver category.

Green jersey:

The best sprinter will win the green jersey. Best sprinter will be the rider who can collect the most points in stages 1, 2 and 5

Red jersey:

The best climber will win the red jersey. Best climber will be the rider who can collect the most points in stages 3, 4 and 6

Team Classification

Episode II even has a team ranking for you. The rules are as follows: Each team can consist of a maximum of 6 riders The 3 best in each race collect points for their team according to the US Crit Point System. The best team is the one with the most points at the end of the series. To register for the team classification, a team captain uses the following form to register the team members:

Rules / Ride Fair Statement

We expect the highest standards of honesty and good manners from those taking part in this event to ensure maximum enjoyment for all. Dishonesty in the form of weight doping, willful maladjustment of equipment or use of e-bikes, for example, will not be tolerated. Abusive behavior will likewise not be tolerated. In line with RGT rules, we reserve the right to ask for weight and power validation of any rider taking part in the event. Validation would include video weigh-ins and real world evidence of rides carried out to a similar power level to that seen “in game”. The organisers reserve the right to DQ you and your team from the event, should you not follow these rules, or provide validation within a reasonable time frame when asked. Any rider averaging over 5w/kg for a stage will have verification requested. To save hassle, you can request to join the RGT Ride Fair Facebook group now and enter your weight verification as per the instructions. Alternatively, it is recommended that you post your performance data on and submit at least one video of the weigh-in and trainer calibration recorded within 24 hours before the first race (how to submit correct power data, pls. follow this link: Any verification during the tour would then be dealt with very quickly. We also expect riders in the top ten positions on GC and the sprint and climbing competitions to ride with a HRM, riding without will increase the chances of a verification request. If you have concerns over another rider’s performance, DO NOT throw accusations in game or on social media. As per our above statement, we and RGT will investigate any performances that are suspicious, including those brought to our attention. Please use the correct channels for any complaints. In the spirit of #ridefair we ask that all riders please also consider making your Strava profile public and wear a HRM.


Scoring Type: Time