Streetlights Stage Race Series

Divisions will be split into 2 based on 20min power:

  • E1 (A) –4+ W/kg
  • E2 (B) –2-3.9 W/kg

This race will include a General Classification (GC) and a Team Classification (TC). These classifications will be taken as the cumulative time of the riders who finished each stage. Riders must complete every stage in order for their times to count. The TC will be taken from the cumulative time of the three fastest riders on a team. Bonus seconds will be awarded to the top 15 placing riders in each division following the points culling system. This means that 1st place will receive 15 bonus seconds which will be deducted from their time in the GC and TC. The 15sec will reduce by 1sec/place until 15thplace which will receive 1 bonus second. Culling comes into effect if less than 15 riders finish a race. Here the seconds will count up from the last rider by 1 second. Ie if a race only has 10 finishers, last will receive 1 bonus second, and this will count up by 1sec/place to first who will receive 10 bonus seconds.

Team standings will be separate in each division.Riders in a team must indicate their team at the end of the name in [square brackets]. This may be an abbreviation of the team name provided another team does not use the same abbreviation. Riders who do not have a team should place [Solo] instead of a team name and will be scored as a solo rider. Any rider who does not have a team or solo tag will be considered a public racer and not be counted towards either of the classifications. Riders may not transfer between teams mid-season. Doing so will result in the rider being listed as DNF and not be included in either team’s TC.

There will be two pre-ride sessions available for racers to partake in prior to the events. These will occur on Sunday afternoons (1pm) and Friday morning (11am). Courses will be available for riding for 2 laps on courses which are shorter than 20km/lap and 1 lap for courses over 20km/lap. These sessions will also have BOT riders to set speed so riders may ride it individually and still have others in world. Races will also include bots set to ride at under 100W and random weight value for the E2 division. These bots are to act as a sag car, aiding riders who have completely fallen from the race be able to finish the ride at a leisurely pace. Bots will not be present in either iTT course nor any of the E1 division races.

Those interested in providing race footage for live commentary or race highlight videos should contact the race organizer at

Scoring Type: Time