Ride the Bifröst

Embark on an epic journey to conquer multiple stages through out winter and get ready for the Rift gravel race in Iceland!

Our journey starts at the very bottom of the Bifröst and will lead us to ride accros rivers, fjords, mountains.

Beware of the trolls and pay respect to the Huldufòlk during your voyage.

This series of 8 races starts on January 23rd.

Stage 1: January 23rd 2022

Stage 2: January 30th 2022

Stage 3: February 6th 2022

Stage 4: February 20th 2022

Stage 5: February 27th 2022

Stage 6: March 13th 2022

Stage 7: March 20th 2022

Stage 8: March 27th 2022

Scoring Type: Time


Ride the Bifrost - Stage 1