OTR VETERAN SERIES KARUKERA OPEN TOUR 2022 ☀️🚴🌴 It is the anniversary of my first "karukera tour" organization with at the time the help of OTR, James Olgivie, John Bytheway and the whole French community which was not what it is today. I am pleased to open this competition which will be on 5 stages over 5 weeks on Tuesdays at 7:30 p.m. from January 25 to everyone. there will therefore be an open general classification, clt by age category, clt by points, clt mountain. the 5 stages are modeled on the arrivals of the tour de guadeloupe 2021 including a clm. Those under 40 will be classified in the same category. For veterans, riders will be classified in the following categories. one, 40-44; b, 45-49; c, 50-54; d, 55-59; e, 60-64; f, 65-69; g, 70-74; h, 75-79: i, 80-84, j, 85-89; k, 90-94: l, 95 above

Scoring Type: Time


3 ème étape : Petit Bourg - Bouillante (Col des Mamelles)