Nopinz Super League - Pacific

nopinz Super League

Brought to you by Nopinz and Team3R, the nopinz Super League will be 6 weeks of racing every Monday at 6pm (AEDT) starting 6th December.

Please note that for both the Americas and Pacific leagues, we will be hosting solo leagues only.

For solo - If you’re silver, you will be automatically entered into the silver/bronze category (HOWEVER...if you want to jump up into the platinum/gold classification, let me know and I can sort manually).

Keeping it in theme with nopinz, we will be racing around the area of their HQ (Barnstaple), with only a short trip on the boat to an IoM stage (courtesy of Matt!). The final stage, and the tour, will finish with a run in right to the HQ’s door.

Individual GCs


We would like to encourage all riders to sign up to
This is a comunity led project committed to providing fair play for all by providing a platform to enable the virtual racing community to control their data and showcase proof of their legitimacy.

The race organizer might ask you to verify your data. Please do not take this as an offense but as a compliment on your performance.

Please make sure to select "public" in the privacy dropdown when you create power metrics/videos/equipment on your profile.
You can create a verification request via:

If you know you are likely to average 4+ w/kg, it is recommended that you provide at least a weigh-in and trainer calibration video filmed within 24 hours prior to the first stage.
Dual recordings and data from outdoor rides can also be uploaded to eBioPassport and are especially welcome if you finish within the top10 of a stage.

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