Nopinz Super League - Americas

nopinz Super League

Brought to you by Nopinz and Team3R, the nopinz Super League will be 6 weeks of racing every Monday at 7:30pm (CST) starting 6th December.

Please note that for both the Americas and Pacific leagues, we will be hosting solo leagues only.

For solo - If you’re silver, you will be automatically entered into the silver/bronze category (HOWEVER...if you want to jump up into the platinum/gold classification, let me know and I can sort manually).

Keeping it in theme with nopinz, we will be racing around the area of their HQ (Barnstaple), with only a short trip on the boat to an IoM stage (courtesy of Matt!). The final stage, and the tour, will finish with a run in right to the HQ’s door.