VCNTT p/b Team Lou (Season 1)

VCNTT is designed to be flexible. There's lots of riding and racing each week so finding a timeslot can be difficult. VCNTT lets you choose when to ride. Each week we provide the course and teams choose which day and time they want to ride. Teams set up their own event so there is no long countdown to the start and no other riders interfering.
Just register for each event using the form below and we do the rest! Times will be posted throughout the week and overall results every Monday on our social media channels and via the relevant tab below. Don't have a team? Check discord for teams looking for riders. Sign up to our mailing list to be the first to hear about upcoming events, offers and prize draws.
Thanks to Falk Levien for the amazing work he has done producing the courses for this 6 week series.


We're starting our new series in a place most of you should be familiar with, Borrego Springs. With very long straights, few turns and only gradual gradient changes, this course through the sleepy little town of Borrego Springs is perfect for getting your head back into the Team Time Trial game, as well as for learning the craft. We finish on the very same loop you all know and love from the RGT Real Road.

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Those of you who followed the European Time Trial Championships should know this course. It is the exact loop on which Stefan Küng defended his Rainbow Jersey against Pipo Ganna, and it is as flat a course as you can find in the Dolomites. You will, of course, be facing a few minor climbs. Will you be able to stay together and work your drafting magic on the adjacent flat roads?

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This week's course leads along the beautiful beach promenade of the world's largest freshwater lagoon, Lagõa dos Patos, in southern Brazil. As the whole area is pretty much pan flat, you won't be faced with too much elevation gain to overcome. Still, be on your guard! There have been reports of some nasty short stingers on this course.

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Anyone who competed in the Tour de Monde on RGT in the very beginning of this year may remember this course. It represents the final 25km of the stage to Uluru, Australia, and as courses go, it's pretty much as flat as they come. Still, what it lacks in elevation gain, it makes up for in horizontal direction changes that can easily overthrow your formation or even get you dropped.

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It used to be a coal mine, now it's Germany's largest artificial lake. And this week, we're going race around it, along the official paved cycling path. This course isn't nearly as flat as the ones you're used to from the past few weeks. In fact, to get to the finish line, you have to get your group all the way up to the viewing point overlooking the lake. So make sure you don't burn all your matches before the end.

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This is a long one! The final stage of this year's Giro d'Italia into Milan, that saw such drama as Pipo Ganna having to change bikes due to a puncture, and Remi Cavagna overcooking one of the final turns and going over the bars while being the virtual leader of the stage. For you, it's the race that will decide who's the winner of this series of VCNTT!.

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