Heroica series - America

Discover the 12 selected real roads of RGT Cycling in this series.

Join us on a 12 week journey across all real roads rgt has to offer. Meet up with us on a weekly basis or try out any road you like. Our classifications allow you to miss out on a stage and still be in the game. There will be 5 stages counting for the "sprinter" jersey and 5 stages counting for the "mountain jersey". Also, a TT and elimination race will be provided to spice things up. Hope you enjoy it!

The races will be held according to the US crit points system
All races are ranked races

You can win the following jerseys

Golden jersey (open category)

We want the event to be as exciting as possible and as many riders as possible to have the chance to finish. Therefore your 8 best results of the 12 races will be counted for the overall classification (open category). So you can skip 4 stages that you don't like and still win the overall classification! In addition, we will have three special classifications.

Silver jersey (silver / bronze category):

The silver jersey can be won by all those who are categorised in the RGTDB silver/bronze before the first event of the series in which they participate. The winner is the one who earns the most points from 8 out of 12 races. We do not want to penalise anyone for doing well. Those who get gold status during the series can still win the silver category.

Green jersey:

The best sprinter will win the green jersey. Best sprinter will be the rider who can collect the most points in stages 1, 3, 6, 9 and 11. For this jersey best 4 of 5 results count.

Red jersey:

The best climber will win the red jersey. Best climber will be the rider who can collect the most points in stages 2, 4, 7, 10 and 12. For this jersey best 4 of 5 results count.

These jerseys will be awarded for this timeslot only as well as for all 3 timeslots combined.
Scoring Type: Time


Stage 5 - Leuven City Flanders ITT
Stage 8 - Canary wharf (elimination)