2023 mini-Giro

Thanks to all the riders, and also VCycling News and Riley Harvey, for making the 2023 mini Giro another great success, just like the 2022 version!


This race features four stages of the 2023 Giro:

  1. stage 1, Costa Del Trabocchi: This stage heads north along the scenic Trabocchi coast, much of it along a bike bike path, before it turns sharply left for a final 1.3 km climb to Ortona, where there will be category 4 GPM points up for grabs at the finish. The climbers will need to hang on along the flat coastal path, while the big motors will want to drop the climbers before the final climb.
  2. stage 8, Fossombrone Circuit: Stage 8 of the 2023 Giro d'Italia finishes with loops of two circuits, a shorter circuit to I Cappuccini, then a longer circuit to the more challenging Monte della Cesane, then a repeat ot the shorter loop. This version for RGT starts on the longer loop after the descent from Monte della Cesane, but before the short, steep Montefelcino Breve. It then finishes with the second circuit of the I Cappuccini loop. While the GPM points of the Giro are not known at the time of this writing, it is assumed the Montefelcino climb is worthy of category 4 status, and I Cappuccini is certainly a category 3 given its gradients.
  3. stage 13, Crans Montana: This is the finale of probably the toughest stage in the 2023 Giro d'Italia, with a finish up this challenging climb of Crans Montana in Switzerland. This isn't the main route to the ski resort, The route opens with a 5.7 km valley run. There's a segment ending at the false flat 1 km from the finish.
  4. stage 21, Roma Circuit: This is the "flat" stage of our mini-Giro, two laps of the technical circuit in Rome, controversial due to the 700 km transfer to reach the Italian capital, not something you need to worry about on RGT.


We'll have a general classification along with a points classification and a GPM competition. Consistent with a weekday series, the stages are all relatively short, with only the Crans Montana climb taking up to an hour or more. Pacer bots will be there to keep you company if you're not ready to stay with the lead riders. Riders who have done all stages so far are eligible for stage and/or GPM points. Riders doing all stages are eligible for the final classificiations (although points for stages are not re-calculated if a rider later misses a stage). However, riders can enter any stages they wish. So for example, if a rider does stages 1 and 3, the rider is eligible for points on the Budapest climb on stage 1, but not for the Menador climb on stage 3, having failed to finish stage 2.

Sprint points are taken from real life: points to the top 15 of each stage, with rankings to those who have completed all stages: 25, 20, 16, 14, 12 , 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. Placings are taken counting all eligible riders as of that stage, so riders doing a stage without having completed all preceding stages do not take any of these stage points.


stage 1

1LEJON (pdl), Mattiasm26:27
2Dd, Petem@ 1
3Snæver [tbs], Jeppems.t.
4Friberg, Ottoms.t.
5dubré, Anthonyms.t.
6Bankras, Chrisms.t.
7Rudnik, Marcinm@ 3
8Krajewski ЯƦ, Andrzejm@ 8
9Schoch, Danielm@ 9
10Contant, Christophem@ 10
11Østergaard [TBS], Andersm@ 16
12 van Bers [яʀ], Jørgenm@ 18
13van male, benms.t.
14Delogne, Tonym@ 20
15Öksüzoglu (Team54), Yahyam@ 32
16Carrara , Giulianom@ 42
17Phillips[ЯƦ], Benm@ 1:02
18Pleger [яʀ], Alexm@ 1:09
19Pinho (m), Joãom@ 1:14
20Juul[Tbs], Andim@ 1:48
21Monteiro, Paulom@ 2:19
22Daniel (o), Magalhãesm@ 2:39
23Canario, Cachalotitom@ 2:48
24Gill, Robert m@ 2:49
25León, Manuelm@ 3:21
26Panay, Nicolasm@ 3:44
27Smok (OTR-UV) D, Piotrm@ 3:54
28Connelly, Danm@ 3:57
29D'agostino (team adr), Giuseppe m@ 4:03
30Severgnini (team adr), Marcom@ 4:10
31Be, Simam@ 4:15
32Pipe, Danm@ 4:25
33Lightfoot (E), Markm@ 4:30
34Blanchard (c), Richm@ 4:40
35Brandy, Frankm@ 4:45
36Tägtlund, Clasms.t.
37Silva (M), Miguelm@ 5:12
38Wheeler, Stephanm@ 5:49
39O'Mahony, Gavinm@ 7:47
40Caldeira, Nunom@ 8:00
41Carter VCLE (G), Geoffm@ 8:20
42Kuessner, Martinm@ 8:45
43 Martinčič (C), Markom@ 9:24
44Price, Markm@ 9:51
45Brun, Barbaraf@ 10:10
46Eddie, Blanc m@ 10:12
47Galipaud, Joachimm@ 10:56
48Otič Koch, Katarina f@ 12:22
49Hofman, Mauricem@ 12:31
50Cremades, Anaf@ 18:50
51Estivalis , Majof@ 19:40

stage 2

1Khereddine, Saadm40:54
2DENET (AeSRT), Arnaudm@ 37
3Ferrari (team adr), Pinom@ 1:32
4Looker, Mattm@ 1:33
5Snæver [tbs], Jeppem@ 1:48
6Schepers[ЯƦ], Jorism@ 2:08
7Contant, Christophem@ 2:53
8Delogne, Tonym@ 3:24
9Durand, Christophem@ 3:34
10van male, benm@ 4:23
11Bankras, Chrism@ 4:59
12Smok (OTR-UV) D, Piotrm@ 5:00
13Hanenberg, Egielm@ 5:21
14Pinho (m), Joãom@ 6:32
15Carruthers, Grantms.t.
16Chedas, Miguel m@ 7:00
17Førby [TBS], Mortenm@ 7:06
18Broekhuijsen (Coalition), Davidm@ 7:50
19Connelly, Danm@ 8:25
20Carrara , Giulianom@ 9:04
21Vilà, Lluísm@ 9:27
22Janssens, Jurgenm@ 9:42
23Noble (c), Stevem@ 10:07
24Fontaine(m), Pierrem@ 10:28
25Pipe, Danm@ 10:36
26Blanchard (c), Richm@ 10:42
27Jezard, Andrewm@ 10:58
28Eddie, Blanc m@ 11:37
29Chisholm (MGC_RT), Martinms.t.
30Bytheway, Johnm@ 12:04
31Vski, 3100 Dm@ 12:08
32Dusan, Dusanm@ 12:12
33Lightfoot (E), Markm@ 12:23
34Baker, Simon m@ 12:28
35Kouline , Yuriy m@ 12:51
36ash, gavinm@ 12:52
37Severgnini (team adr), Marcom@ 13:16
38Shields OTR (E), Martinm@ 13:46
39Vr, Hayleyf@ 13:59
40O'Mahony, Gavinm@ 14:18
41Stuyck, Wimm@ 15:30
42Glez Duran, Jotam@ 17:48
43Antonio, Oscarm@ 20:21
44Caccese, Felicem@ 20:23
45Brandy, Frankm@ 20:36
46Marcos, Juan m@ 26:12
47Liendo (m), Urkom@ 28:57

stage 3

1DENET (AeSRT), Arnaudm50:03
2Dd, Petem@ 1:18
3Snæver [tbs], Jeppem@ 2:39
4Wetterhall, Alexanderm@ 3:57
5Delogne, Tonym@ 4:31
6Østergaard [TBS], Andersm@ 4:48
7Contant, Christophem@ 5:09
8Smok (OTR-UV) D, Piotrm@ 7:45
9van male, benm@ 8:36
10Millar, Davidm@ 9:08
11Panay, Nicolasm@ 10:17
12Pinho (m), Joãom@ 11:03
13Førby [TBS], Mortenm@ 12:31
14León, Manuelm@ 13:40
15Connelly, Danm@ 13:46
16Langer, Maikm@ 14:35
17Blanchard (c), Richm@ 19:21
18Pipe, Danm@ 25:38
19Severgnini (team adr), Marcom@ 27:35
20O'Mahony, Gavinm@ 31:37
21Fulop, Tamasm@ 32:22
22Antolin, Zoranm@ 37:22
23Bordage, Maximem@ 54:22

stage 4

1Kopse, Igorm34:15
2LEJON (pdl), Mattiasm@ 11
3Østergaard [TBS], Andersm@ 34
4Snæver [tbs], Jeppem@ 38
5Dd, Petem@ 49
6van male, benm@ 53
7Contant, Christophem@ 54
8Neugebauer [pdl] , Danielms.t.
9kid, tommym@ 1:00
10Smok (OTR-UV) D, Piotrm@ 2:45
11Hansen, Jesperm@ 2:54
12Millar, Davidm@ 3:31
13Pinho (m), Joãom@ 4:24
14Delogne, Tonym@ 4:45
15Rowe (c), Ianm@ 4:54
16Noble (c), Stevem@ 5:32
17Severgnini (team adr), Marcom@ 5:35
18Pipe, Danm@ 5:37
19Ruml, Christophm@ 5:45
20Connelly, Danm@ 6:01
21Blanchard (c), Richm@ 6:30
22Silva (M), Miguelm@ 7:53
23Maguire, Gavin ms.t.
24Ferris, Jeremyms.t.
25O'Mahony, Gavinm@ 8:18
26Mettes(m), Dem@ 8:56
27Simoni (m), Patrickm@ 9:18
28Brandy, Frankm@ 11:41
29Coburn, Caraf@ 24:23

general classification

1Snæver [tbs], Jeppem2:36:45
2Contant, Christophem@ 4:00
3Delogne, Tonym@ 7:54
4van male, benm@ 9:04
5Smok (OTR-UV) D, Piotrm@ 14:18
6Pinho (m), Joãom@ 18:07
7Connelly, Danm@ 27:03
8Blanchard (c), Richm@ 36:07
9Pipe, Danm@ 41:10
10Severgnini (team adr), Marcom@ 45:30
11O'Mahony, Gavinm@ 56:54

stage points

placeriderm/fstage 1stage 2stage 3stage 4total
1Snæver [tbs], Jeppem1625252591
2Contant, Christophem620161658
3van male, benm314122049
4Delogne, Tonym216201048
5Smok (OTR-UV) D, Piotrm10141438
6Pinho (m), Joãom9101231
7Connelly, Danm89724
8Pipe, Danm67821
9Blanchard (c), Richm58619
10Severgnini (team adr), Marcom26917
11O'Mahony, Gavinm15511


placeriderm/fstage 1stage 2stage 3stage 4total
1Snæver [tbs], Jeppem1124053
2Delogne, Tonym41822
3Contant, Christophem51217
4Smok (OTR-UV) D, Piotrm99
5van male, benm167
6Pinho (m), Joãom44
7Connelly, Danm22
8Blanchard (c), Richm11
Scoring Type: Time