2022 mini-Giro

The 2022 Giro d'Italia was an exciting race which came down to the final stages. The challenging route featured several novel aspects, including a stage start in Budapest, Hungary, and several stages incorporating circuits similar to those often used in world championships, with exciting racing with wins from the breakaway.

This race features four stages of the 2022 Giro:

  1. stage 2, Budapest: We use the Budapest time trial route, inspired by the 2019 Bologna route, with a straight opening leading to a steep finishing climb. The climb here isn't as severe as the prior one, but it will still make for an exciting mass-start event.
  2. stage 8, Napoli Circuit:The actual stage started and finished in Naples, doing four laps of this hilly circuit before returning.
  3. stage 17, Minador Climb: This stage, which we share with the Mountain Goats series, features the steep Menador climb, with challenging 14%+ gradients. It finishes with a rolling plateau before a final short climb to the finish.
  4. stage 18, Treviso Circuit: This is the flat stage of our mini-Giro, the actual race completing two laps of this circuit to finish what had been anticipated to be the final sprinters stage of the race. The breakaway had other ideas, however.

We'll have a general classification along with a points classification and a GPM competition. Consistent with a weekday series, the stages are all relatively short, with only the Menador climb taking up to an hour or more. Pacer bots will be there to keep you company if you're not ready to stay with the lead riders. Riders who have done all stages so far are eligible for stage and/or GPM points. Riders doing all stages are eligible for the final classificiations (although points for stages are not re-calculated if a rider later misses a stage). However, riders can enter any stages they wish. So for example, if a rider does stages 1 and 3, the rider is eligible for points on the Budapest climb on stage 1, but not for the Menador climb on stage 3, having failed to finish stage 2.

Scoring Type: Time