TOUR SERIES - round 2 (A)

04-10 17:00

29.00 km
276 m / 277 m

Tour Series: 8th – 29th April 2021 Welcome to The (unofficial) TOUR SERIES – 2. Some of the best names in British racing have battled around these circuits over the years, such as – Steve Lampier, Jon Mould, Graham Biggs, Ed Clancy, Anna Henderson & Megan Barker. This is a 7-race series, with your best 5 results counting towards the overall score. Split into two classes : A - ftp >= 3.8 wkg or Category 2 and above B – ftp <= 3.79 wkg or category 3 and below Ladies wanting to race in their own series, please enter class A and put [w] in your RGT name. We will then score you separately from everyone else. Full race book can be found