8.9: Rasio Mondays: Marian's Slovakia Ring x5

07-17 11:00

29.22 km
106 m / 106 m

The Slovakia Ring was opened as a purpose built test track in 2009 and has played host to World Touring Car action since 2012. Conveniently located just 30km from Bratislava Airport, and 35km south east of the capital, the track was designed by Austrian architect Hans Roth. Featuring 14 turns, the Slovakia Ring ties together long radius corners with high speed straights. It's also being used for various cycling events like criterium racing and long distance endurance events. Rasio Racing Friday ranked racing fun. * Compete fairly! What about creating a profile on www.ebiopassport.com - A community effort in fair play? If your power numbers seemingly reach superhero status, be prepared to present verification.

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