8.6 Rasio Mondays :Richmond Park - Clockwise then Anti-Clockwise: start-rotate-end at Roehampton Gate

06-26 11:00

21.15 km
209 m / 210 m

Rasio Popup Richmond Park - Clockwise then Anticlockwise - start and rotate at Roehampton Gate - finish by the cafe Many London based RGT'ers will find this very familiar... A 21 km 215m loopage of Richmond Park with a mass sprint potential finish should the lumps not have shelved the powerful lumps.. Punchers paradise. Rasio Racing ranked racing fun. * Compete fairly! What about creating a profile on www.ebiopassport.com - A community effort in fair play? If your power numbers seemingly reach superhero status, be prepared to present verification.

# Name Finish Time Avg wKg Rank Change