OTR Veterans - Jamaica

04-03 18:00

35.63 km
152 m / 82 m

Time to spice things up with a sprint into Kingston for some Jamaican Ginger Cake. Feed your need for speed on this nearly flat course, but be ready to power on through a gradual rise for the last 9km. Ensure your birthdate is entered in your account on the RGT website under "Personal Details" to participate. Riders of any age can enter, but Age Group results are compiled only for veterans 40 years old and above. Final GC positions are based on the rider's five best results. For in-race age identification, place the letter corresponding to your age group after your name. A: 40-44; B: 45-49; C: 50-54; D, 55-59; E: 60-64; F: 65-69; G: 70-74; H: 75-79; I: 80-84; J: 85-89; K: 90-94; L: 95-99. Many Thanks to Samir Dawlatly for supplying the Magic Roads! Cake Recipe: https://www.my-island-jamaica.com/jamaican_ginger_cake.html