OTR Veterans - Saint Lucia

02-06 19:00

15.82 km
828 m / 370 m

When the infamous pirate, Blackbeard, was making his way up the Caribbean, plundering ships as he went, the waters off St. Lucia were particularly lucrative for the master pirate who used to stash his stolen booty on the island. With over 800m of elevation this course will be a lucrative one for the climbers! Race results categories for veterans 40 years and over (although any age can enter.) Ensure your birthdate is entered in the RGT website under "Personal Details" to participate. For in-race age identification, place the letter corresponding to your age group after your name. A: 40-44; B: 45-49; C: 50-54; D, 55-59; E: 60-64; F: 65-69; G: 70-74; H: 75-79; I: 80-84; J: 85-89; K: 90-94; L: 95-99. Final GC positions based on the rider's five best results. Many Thanks to Samir Dawlatly for supplying the Magic Roads!