VCNTT 10.2 Berlin Individual Time Trial Hosted Race

11-27 00:00

26.27 km
74 m / 92 m

Season 10 of VCNTT brings the new twist in the tale. The individual time trial. Riders depart every 5 seconds based on the order of joining the event. The results will be collated at the end of the day on Sundays with any individually submitted DRAFT off races on the same course this week, forming a weekly ITT leaderboard. The weekly results and podium broadcast on the first Monday after the stage. This week's course in Berlin, Germany is rather flat and features many long straights. We start out at the Olympic Stadium, take one and a quarter loops of the Great Star, leading us to our destination, the Tempelhof Airfield, which some of you may just have used for your warmup.

Artur Dygas
Nick Greenhalgh [ЯƦ]
# Name Finish Time Avg wKg