OTR Transpyrennes stage 16

02-08 23:01

53.76 km
296 m / 786 m

OTR Transpyrennes stage 16. Another transition stage. Oh the beautiful Ariege, who knew you existed! The Pyrenees best kept secret. Woods, rivers and streams, hard little known climbs and plenty of good accommodation and food! We ride down the valley off the Aspet, through Girons (don’t stop unless you have a mechanical that needs a mechanic with more skill than you(none!), past the best accommodation of the trip, River to swim in, Great beer to drink and food to die for and on the first of our Ariege climbs. This stage is a challenge event so you are free to do it anytime you like after stage 15 but to continue to get double points on the race stages you need to have done it before stage 17. Once you’ve completed it send me a message by PM on Facebook, so I can keep the results up to date.

# Name Finish Time Avg wKg