OTR Transpyrennes stage 10

01-04 23:01

46.05 km
474 m / 1.46 km

OTR Transpyrennes stage 10. Another transition stage (46 kms) from the top of the Aubisque over to the top of the Soler (the most beautiful stretch of cycling road in the world?) and then down into Argeles, turn right and begin the stready climb to Luz Saint Sauveur and the strat of our next monster, The Tourmalet. Coffee and pain au raidsin on the cafe on the corner is recommended! This stage is a challenge event so you are free to do it anytime you like after stage 9 but to continue to get double points on the race stages you need to have done it before stage 11. Once you’ve completed it send me a message by PM on Facebook, so I can keep the results up to date.

# Name Finish Time Avg wKg