OTR Veterans - Safin's Lair

12-12 18:30

27.54 km
765 m / 735 m

Trøllanes is a village on the island of Kalsoy in the Faroe Islands. The area doubles for Safin's lair, which in the film was an abandoned World War II base on a disputed island between Russia and Japan. Race results categories for veterans 40 years and over (although any age can enter.) Ensure your birthdate is entered in your account on the RGT website under "Personal Details" to participate. For in-race age identification, place the letter corresponding to your age group after your name. A: 40-44; B: 45-49; C: 50-54; D, 55-59; E: 60-64; F: 65-69; G: 70-74; H: 75-79; I: 80-84; J: 85-89; K: 90-94; L: 95-99. Final GC positions based on the rider's five best results. Many Thanks to Samir Dawlatly for supplying the Magic Roads!