OTR's Tour du Monde - Stage 9

01-19 06:00

53.76 km
393 m / 444 m

Another impossible road is yours for stage 9 and has the potential to be one of the most tactical and exciting of the entire tour. Steep and reasonably long initial climbs from Folkestone up over the cliffs to Dover, heavily favour the lighter riders in the pack and allow then an opportunity to pull out a lead. However, there then follows a long middle section of pan flat road which switches the advantage back to the power riders, but only if they can put aside their own battles and work in common purpose to bring back the leaders. This sets things up beautifully for the shorter less severe climb on the French side of the tunnel to the finish just outside Calais. This is the final chance to grab some bonus time on the line, so we could see some fireworks in the tunnel.