Ranking on RGTDB

A results based ranking system for the modern era.


How it works

The ranking system used on RGTDB is built on a modified version of the Elo ranking system. The concept is simple. Ranked races offer the chance to gain or lose rank based a riders results vs others. The higher the difference in rank, the more change is possible. Over time, a rank is calculated that signifies the chance of winning against others.

In this system, sandbagging (or racing against lower ranked riders), is risky. At best, a win yeilds almost no rank gain. Losing transfers a large amount of rank to the winning riders.

Ranked Events

Not all events are ranked! Look for the ranked icon on upcoming events to find events that will provide ranking changes.

Once signed up for a ranked race users result will be counted no matter what! This means that rank cannot be 'protected' by leaving events early. This extends to signing up for an event, but not finishing. Users that leave early will or are no shows will be marked as DNF and ranked as last place.

If you do not intend to race in a ranked event, do not sign up!

User Rank Display


Each users rank starts near the middle of the silver category. As more rank is gained, the bar indicates position within the current rank. Once it fills, the user is promoted to the next rank.