MR Tour Pacific S2

11-16 10:30

27.94 km
324 m / 215 m

Sobótka, a usual weekend cycling destination for 2 Moon Riders - (Witek Rzeszutek and Marcin Szkudlarek) is a small town located southwest of Wrocław on the northern slope of Mount Ślęża ( 718 m.s.l.). Surrounding area offers excellent routes for road and MTB cyclists and is a place where cycling season usually starts in Poland (with the race - Ślężański Mnich). We are going to start from the lowlands and visit 2 of the local climbs and some roads very popular among local cyclists, with a mountain top finish just below 300 m..s.l. , where the paved road ends, next to a shelter and a small restaurant where you can relax after climbing :)